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Events Calendar

Ride All the Ponies

When: All Year!
Ride all the ponies to win a FIVE YEAR FREE PASS!

Kids’ Day

When: May 27, 2017
Free rides for everyone to celebrate the Carousel’s birthday!

Fairy Tale and Superhero Festival

When: July 29, 2017
Where: Carousel and Caras Park
Fairy tale characters and superheroes visit the Carousel for FREE activities and snacks.

Celebration Dinner and Auction

When: September 8, 2016
Where: Caras Park Pavilion
Help us celebrate another year of going in circles!

Haunted Hollow

When: TBD.
Where: The Carousel and Dragon's Hollow
Haunted Carousel rides and flashlight tours through a decorated Dragon Hollow, designed for children 12 and under.


When: November 15, 2017
Riders needed!

Santa's Breakfast

When: December 23, 2017, 9-10:30 am
Enjoy breakfast with Santa!

Celebration Dinner & Auction date

When: TBD.